Reducing textile waste to landfill

by | Sep 2021

Project Summary

Kelly Thomas, founder of The Compostable Designer, set out to learn more about how and where we make clothing and change our ways of thinking around fast fashion – and invented a process to produce compostable clothing.

Designed to wear well for longer, the Compostable T-shirt takes only four months to compost at the end of its life, reducing the impact of landfill. Dyed, cut and sewn in Geelong.

How RICE was involved

Kelly invented the process to produce compostable clothing but was hitting roadblocks with sales and marketing.

She joined the Circular Economy Business Growth program subsidised by RICE. Kelly has used the Program to test and refine the business model required to take her innovation successfully to market.


The end result

‘I knew I had a great product and sustainable production process to help tackle the massive environmental damage done by the fashion industry, but my solution was a bit stuck looking for a market to activate growth’ Kelly said. 

‘The Runway Circular Economy Program helped me find ways to unlock this problem and really get my business going’ she continued.

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